Annual Beethoven in Cowra Audio-Visual Concerts

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Philip Rhoades
Created: 2015-02-08
Last Updated: 2017-09-24
Email: phr AT abic DOT net DOT au

Concerts will be at:
Saje Court, Cowra
(off Brisbane Lane - between Brisbane and Macquarie Streets)

Dates for the inaugural concerts:
(Check here at 5pm on the day for cancellations due to rain or high winds)

Tuesday 26 September 2017 - AV and Screen Testing - Lower Volume
The projector worked brilliantly and although my 40+ year old audio gear was not up to scratch - we have Proof of Concept!
As long as the rain holds off we can do another test with recent, high-quality audio gear on Friday night and also have the main concert on Saturday night.
You can see the video here.

Wednesday 27 September 2017 - AV and Screen Testing - Lower Volume
CANCELLED - chance of rain.

Thursday 28 September 2017 - AV and Screen Testing - Lower Volume
CANCELLED - chance of rain.

Friday 29 September 2017 Presentation Concert - Higher Volume
FAILURE - hardware problems . . should be good for Sat though . .

Saturday 30 September 2017 - Main Presentation Concert - Higher Volume
(ie the last Sat before Daylight Saving starts)
The projector and the better sound system worked brilliantly! Go here to hear and see everything:
Beethoven in Cowra Concerts - September 2017


I want to have more free, open-air Classical Music concerts in Cowra - the best way to achieve that seems to be to have an annual event that attracts a lot of attention from the media and thus becomes a tourist attraction - particularly for Japanese people. I know I have only lived in town for five minutes but I have owned properties here for many years. If it was desirable we could use my empty block in Saje Court for the first concert because it has a natural amphitheatre shape but now that the first house is nearly built:
Life Extension Villages
I will hang a screen from the balcony of the house and project video from the cul-de-sac at the end of Saje Court and face speakers from the house to the street.

Why Beethoven?

Beethoven is my personal favourite in Classical Music composers. Also, his Ninth Symphony is recognised as the de-facto anthem for Peace and Universal Brotherhood around the world - something that fits perfectly with Cowra's distinct place in Australian history which has created a culture of reconciliation that resonates through the town and which has allowed it to develop strong and long-lasting bonds with Japan.

VIVID Festival in Sydney

As a marketing strategy, I think ABiC should be developed as related event to the annual 18 day
festival of light, music and ideas event in Sydney. So, people would come to Cowra for 9 days of Cowra goodness and attend a Beethoven Symphony and Light Show each evening (say 6-8pm).

The Technology

I want to use Stephen Malinowski's amazing technology that creates beautiful animations from music eg:
Beethoven's 5th Symphony, 1st Movement
As well as being projected on to a screen in the normal way, I want to also talk to the VIVID people about projecting the visuals directly upwards with laser tech so that that part of the display could be seen in Bathurst for example but also people on the International Space Station would be able to see where Cowra is on the planet! I am helping to organise Stephen's wonderful creations to be played / displayed at a future VIVID Festival.

The Japanese Connection

The Japanese connection is a great thing to encourage too - they love Beethoven's Ninth and have huge participatory concerts - it is just amazing, spine-tingling stuff!:
Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 4th (Choral) Movement - 10,000 Choristers!

A shorter, heart-warming, FlashMob version:
Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 4th (Choral) Movement - Hong Kong


It would be great to build the ABiC up so it got (inter)national attention every year! I am setting up this web site as a first step in that process - I think it should get a LOT of interest - but we shall see . .


If I can get support from Cowra Council, I will then approach:

* Local Businesses
* The Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre
* Local musicians and music teachers
* ABC Classic FM

and any other individual and organisation that has an interest. I am setting up a mailing list for stakeholders and people who want to be actively involved but also for anyone who is just interested in helping occasionally or discussing the project - please send me a note at the email address above if you want to be on the mailing list.

Other Ideas

Eventually, it would be good to start with Symphony 1 and go consecutively, each night, through to Symphony 9 as the big finale.

Also, I think it would be a good idea to have local musicians performing smaller Beethoven pieces before the main Symphony each night.

The main viewing screen, projectors, speakers and laser eqipment would have to be under cover but I think it would be good to have open-air concerts - hopefully it will not be TOO cold . .

I wanted to emphasize the fact that this would be an annual event from the beginning so the domain name for the web site is "abic.net.au" with "a" for "Annual", but in future years, as interesting variations, "A" could also be used to mean:

* Adamantly
* Affirmatively
* Appropriately
* Apropos
* Aptly
* Assertively
* Assuredly
* Audaciously
* Auspiciously
* Automatically
* Avidly
* Avowedly
* Axiomatically